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Tabatha Maiorano
Tabatha Maiorano, PhD, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Public Safety Specialist (Specializing in Mental Health, Criminal Justice, and Human Behavior). She is founder and principal of TD Forensics, LLC, offering state-of-the-art trauma treatment, consultation, and training for first responders.
Jim Rascati
Jim Rascati, LCSW, is a specialist in first-responder trauma and a clinical instructor (social work) in psychiatry for Yale School of Medicine. He has extensive experience in mass-casualty trauma and has participated in countless critical incident debriefings for first responders.
John Revell
Rev. John Revell, MDiv, serves as chaplain for the Connecticut State Police and multiple first responder agencies across Connecticut. He is a certified POST instructor in emotional and spiritual wellness, and has instructed at local, state and national levels on the impact of Moral Injury upon first responders.
George Faller
George Faller, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, is a former NYPD officer and FDNY firefighter. Following 9/11, he turned his attention to family counseling, initially with first responders and their families. He is a highly-sought-after conference speaker both in the United States and around the world.
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Why the GY6 Initiative? How is this different from other platforms and strategies?
The rate of first responder suicides in our nation is disproportionately high, despite the availability of excellent therapists, conferences, and written materials…because first responders typically do utilize these resources.

However, first responders WILL watch high quality, appealing, and relevant videos…there is no stigma associated with watching good videos.

This initiative is designed to place essential and vital wellness video resources in the hands of every first responder in America, free of charge, and it will launch with this free event in Bristol. Our plan is to film each of these sessions, integrate them with related testimonies from first responders, produce them at the highest levels of industry standards, and make them available online to every first responder in America.
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